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NJ Youth United Against War and Imperialism Launches:

Campaign to "Audify" New Brunswick Streets Against Endless War and Imperialism, Attacks on Immigrants, Tuition Hikes, Etc.

See Daily Targum Report of First Event:


After several weeks of rehearsals in the halls of Montgomery High School and then at the Douglass Student Center, members and supporters of NJ Youth United Against War and Imperialism, with participation of Solidarity Singers and Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War launched its campaign to audify the streets of New Brunswick with songs, music and poetry of struggle.  The streets of New Brunswick rang with classics like El Puebloe Unido Jamas Sera Vencido, The Workers Song, the Internationale, We Shall Not Be Moved, Blessed Are Those Who Struggle, The War Rap, Masters of War and many others.  With two microphones and a Vox Box, several guitars, a violin, saxophone, several drums, buckets and other percussives, under threatening rain clouds, we held the fountain for several hours on Saturday, March 24.  We distributed about 150 copies of the first issue of YO! paper and a like number of copies of our newly drafted statement condemining US war moves against Iran.  (See No War On Iran .)

The event garnered widespread attention from many passers by in downtown New Brunswick including many members of New Brunswick's immigrant community.  Many stopped to take in a song or too as they went about their daily business.

The fountain, currently off, was festooned with the banners of NJ Youth United Against War and Imperialism.

Participants were strong and spirited for about 3 hours until the clouds started to drizzle on the instruments, equipment and literature.  Many of the passers by in cars and on foot were quite attentive to the messages being broadcast through the songs of struggle.

After the event, several of the participants circled up at a local donut shop and discussed the evemt, deciding to move toward a flexible weekly event - the next announced event being the following:

Saturday, March 31, 2pm at the Fountain, Corner of Livingston and George Streets in New Brunswick

The theme will be Songs for Martyrs and Captives . . . around the issues of the Trayvon Martin killing and the detention and possibly deportation of NJ youth Jordana Judith Vera Serna.

Song suggestions on these themes are welcome.

We will learn and teach the songs together and perform them on the street.

Some possible selections:

El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido (dedicated to martyrs of Chile)
Blessed Are Those Who Struggle
Strange Fruit
Four Dead in Ohio
Que Queremos (Outernational)

We urge all, musicians of all levels and those who enjoy music of struggle to become part of this effort to AUDIFY the New Brunswick and soon, the NJ struggle.  Instruments are highly recommended!  All instruments that can be performed outside without plugging into an amplifer can be worked in to the musical presentations.  We hope to evolve into a marching entourage that will dd a whole new dimension to our struggle.  WE GO OCCUPY AND WE GO AUDIFY!